april 2024

04/07, sunday 11:02PM

so finally i've decided to made a little entry in here! i'm feeling too lazy rn to add some emotes or pixels so probs i'll edit tomorrow when i feel more like it ♬ i'm trying really hard to make my website a cool place and to build my own code so let's hope everything goes well. i already did my wiki section, even though a lot of stuff is missing, mostly bc i haven't done too many graphics for my website yet, and ngl i'm still looking for the perfect name of this.
today im a little bit down... let's hope this feeling passes by soon since i hate feeling this way (◞‸◟;) i wish i could do friends and stop feeling lonely, but life is rough isn't it?
i'm gonna try not feeling too down and do my best to have a good day tomorrow. school drains me and gives me sooo much anxiety i feel like i could die in any moment, like a chihuahua hehe