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Real footage of Coco.

Cosmo, also known as Coco, Cokku, Cosmi, or Cosmin, is a spanish-uruguayan boy born in 2007, in Spain. His love for coding led to the result of his websites, where he meets fun and heartfelt adventures, along with music and a pink mind. As expected, his love for so many things is giant. Here we can find his pressence in stuff that goes from seals, bunnies, clovers, pink color and ribbons to violence, guns and true crime cases! As many as that little brain can contain, Cosmo adores learning, no matter what it is. He might be seen as shy or calm, but inside there is a very chaotic and explosive kid who feels too much! He prefers staying inside, doing crafts or enjoying his own loneliness. Everything Coco does is intimate, even though sometimes he is too impulsive and talks without thinking, it's part of his charm - along with his naive, joyful and funny personality. People who are close to him, can describe him as a sweet, tender and sensitive kid who always tries to make everyone happy. Ectra points because of Cosmi's innocent appearence and his unique interests. He has a bunch of hobbies; like dancing, drawing, sewing, collecting Sylvanian Families, journaling, writing poetry, watching films and listening to music. Cosmo is hard to describe, since he's a lot of things inside of a 162cm tall body, but for sure he's full of love.


Cosmo means literally κόσμος (Order), coming from the greek word Kosmos, means universe. Born in Galicia, and raised by a latin family from Uruguay, the 25th November of 2007 he came to the world for the first time. Making him a Sagittarius, and the youngest brother of his family. Since kid, people could notice how different he was from other children, making him pass through hard times. Cosmo never had an easy childhood - you could even say he didn't have one at all. Got used to surviving in rough situations and conditions, mostly because of poverty. Forced to grow up too soon, dealing with an undiagnosed ADHD, autism and other personality disorders, he tried being an adult, which didn't work out. Without a father and raised mainly by himself, now he has developed a big interest in childish stuff, resembling his personality until today. He uses internet as a way of expressing and sharing what he likes without being judged; making friends and learning as much as his brain can absorb.

Regardless that difficulties, he tries to be positive and share as much love as he can, bonding in music, art, literature and almost anything you can imagine. Slowly, things becoming better has led to a healthier Cosmo who can deal with problems and conflicts way more better than how he used to.

Things to have on mind

How was mentioned before, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and other disorders are present in Coco's life. Also with an restrictive eating disorder, a way of coping is having his own blog, where a lot of his problems might be reflected on his online space. Please have this on mind while interacting with his creations and blogs, such as drawings, poems, diary entries or just elements in general that might be during the experience of Muñeco. However, with all of his heart, the webmaster hopes everyone can enjoy his blog and find a safe place where to share ideas and thoughts.

The webmaster direct messages are always opened, and you can contact him wherever you prefer on Contact, but still have on mind to be patience and not to make him uncomfortable. Remember that he is also a human and a minor and might struggle to answer on time. If you want to build a friendship there is no problem, he will nicely respond!

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